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About Us
 We are a leader in mid-market sales, mergers and corporate recapitalizations  
Sunbelt Mergers & Acquisitions specializes in M &A advisory services for owners of privately-held companies whose enterprise value ranges from $750,000 to $10 million who are looking to maximize value and secure spendable liquidity upon exit. And for those companies exceeding $10 million in enterprise value we have a special division that can deliver boutique investment banking service to those companies up to $150 million in value.

We are a leader in mergers and corporate recapitalizations. Our network of M&A Professionals routinely deliver outstanding transactional services for our clients, "Client First" isn't just a cliche for us, it is the driver for every decision and strategy we employ.

Sunbelt M&A has developed a proprietary process for preparing, packaging and marketing small to mid-market companies for acquisition by high net-worth individuals, strategic buyers, financial buyers, private investment groups and publicly traded companies.

Our clients are thoroughly prepared and coached throughout the sale process, receiving professional services and support in these key areas:

  • Exit Planning
  • Valuation Assessment
  • Business Performance Enhancement
  • Strategic Buyer Identification
  • Confidential Client Marketing
  • Global Buyer Searches
  • Discreet Private Auctions
  • Professional Negotiations
  • Deal Structuring
  • Due Diligence Management
  • Purchase Agreement Support
  • Transition Planning & Close

Our Approach to Value Harvesting

Think of Value Harvesting the same way one might harvest apples in an orchard. You could send in a group of apple pickers to harvest a certain grove of trees and they would come back with a quantifiable harvest. Question is, did they harvest every apple that they could have? Did they leave some low-hanging fruit on the tree? How about the fruit way up on top that almost everyone misses?
We use the term "Value Harvesting" because just like "harvesting" that apple orchard, harvesting the value that lies within your company takes skill, planning, and pinpoint execution to extract all the value that lies within your company. Our track record of delivering maximum value to our clients is evidence to our approach and commitment to our clients.

Clients have approached us in the past who felt they may not have significant value in their company due to losses reflected on their financials or because they were in such a regulated industry that they felt "who would want to buy in this industry?". We were able to secure maximum value for these clients by carefully reviewing their company both financially and operationally and understanding the Value Drivers and Detractors that really determine the value of a particular company.

Sunbelt M&A has developed a process that allows us to evaluate a company beyond just the financials to see the true intrinsic value that is so critical in harvesting the true value in your company.

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