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Sunbelt M&A is committed to maintaining client confidentiality throughout the process of marketing and selling a business. We will not disclose information concerning a client's identity, location, customers, markets, products or financial information without the seller's explicit approval. Initial marketing documents refer to a client by number (rather than name), include only a general description of the business and non-specific location and must be approved by the seller prior to dissemination to potential buyers. Detailed information is disclosed only after the potential buyer has entered into a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Every precaution is taken to protect confidentiality during the marketing process.

Business Analysis
Proper interpretation and presentation of financial information is a crucial step in the selling process. Financial statements are typically prepared for tax purposes, not for business sale purposes. Sunbelt M&A will "re-cast" your financial records to uncover the true earnings power of your business. Proper presentation of client business financial information adds substantial value.

Valuation Assessment
Sunbelt M&A will arrange for an independent valuation of the seller's business by an experienced and accredited Business Valuator. This Valuation will determine the Fair Market Value of the business from a financial buyer's perspective. We believe that Fair Market Value is the minimum price that should be achieved in the selling process. We are often able to complete transactions significantly above the "Fair Market Value" by identifying potential synergistic industry buyers who see the strategic advantages in completion of an acquisition. Sunbelt analyzes the strengths, assets, financial performance, hidden value drivers and growth projections of the seller's business. Our proprietary databases enable us to analyze purchase price comparisons of completed business sales in the appropriate industry. Our worldwide reach along with our proprietary marketing system assures complete and confidential marketing.

Strategic Buyer Identification
In consultation with the seller, Sunbelt M&A will develop a profile of potential buyers for the seller's business and will then prepare a marketing plan to find potential buyers that match that profile. We utilize extensive proprietary information sources as well as public information to identify the universe of potentially synergistic buyers. Our buyer search includes U.S. and international companies as well as Private Equity Groups (PEG’s). Our research results will be reviewed with the client prior to our initiating contact. This review process allows the client the opportunity to edit out any potential conflicts.

Confidential Buyer Contact
Potential buyers are approached with only general information that does not disclose the client company specifically. Identification of the client will only be done after the buyer has executed the appropriate Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements and the client has given approval.

Professional Negotiations
Sellers are more likely to achieve a substantially better financial package when negotiating through a professional intermediary. During the negotiation phase, we will generally be dealing with multiple potential buyers thereby increasing our client's options and leverage. The sense of competition in the negotiation stage typically serves to drive up the purchase price for the business. Sunbelt M&A's professional intermediaries allow the client to remain at arms length during the negotiation process, while still maintaining complete control. We are experts at managing the negotiation, due diligence and closing process; a task that is difficult for the business owner to achieve without appearing anxious and compromising their negotiating position.

Deal Structuring
The sale of a business involves many elements of financial opportunity for the seller. The purchase price is only one component of the overall result. The after tax impact is a critical element that must be addressed in the deal structure and negotiated between the buyer and seller. Our experience in hundreds of transactions with a wide range of buyers gives us the negotiating edge. Sunbelt M&A Advisors take into account all of the elements of the financial transaction, including: share sale versus asset sale; initial investment; terms and interest rate on notes; liabilities assumed by the acquirer; transfer and negotiation of leases; employment contracts; consulting agreements; non-compete agreements; current assets retained by the seller; potential earn-outs; continuation of perks and fringe benefits; stock ownership retention and other pertinent details. The total financial package negotiated on behalf of our clients is the true measure of our value-added service.

Due Diligence Management
Financial and operational representations are made by the owner during the process of selling a business. Potential buyers rely upon these representations when determining the viability and the value of that business. Once an offer to purchase has been presented by the buyer and accepted by the seller, a Due Diligence process is conducted to substantiate these representations. If they are not adequately and clearly substantiated during Due Diligence, the transaction could be jeopardized. Our experience and involvement in countless due diligence projects enables us to anticipate the type of information required and to manage the due diligence process through to satisfactory completion. Our thorough analysis of the business and advanced preparation maximizes the probability that the process will be short and successful.

Purchase Agreement Support
Numerous agreements must be negotiated and the efforts of multiple parties must be coordinated. Sunbelt M&A works with a client's legal and accounting team to orchestrate a Definitive Purchase Agreement that reflects all details of the transaction. Our Advisors play a key role in ensuring that this process is properly managed to avoid jeopardizing the transaction. Our involvement in this stage of the process can often save our client thousands of dollars in potentially excessive professional fees.

Closing, Transition and Transfer
Once clients have realized the goal of selling their business, the transition period begins. During this time, Clients will cooperate with and assist buyers in effecting a seamless transition to a new ownership, including the transfer of key relationships(e.g., with customers and suppliers) and proprietary information needed to successfully operate the business.


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